Polski skoczek zginął w wypadku w Australii

forum poświęcone analizie wypadków jako materiału szkoleniowego. Uprasza się o opisy pozbawione imion i nazwisk oraz o nie stawianie świeczek [!]
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Polski skoczek zginął w wypadku w Australii

Post autor: iwan » sob 01 kwie 2017, 15:52

Splątanie spadochronów tuż po rozejściu. Jednej osobie się udało, drugiej niestety nie. Może ktoś podejmie się przetłumaczenia dla innych.

The deceased was a member of a Formation Skydiving (FS) 4-way team, competing in the intermediate event at the Australian National Parachuting Championships. The team had been together since approximately November 2016 and were the current Victorian Champions. They focused their training over the last few months on competing at the national championships, doing approximately 50 training jumps together of which about half were done over the last month. All four members of the team were Certificate Class D holders with around 400 – 600 jumps each.
The Jump
It was the third day of the championships and the team’s third jump of the day. It was also their competition jump for round 9 out of 10 rounds. Exit was from approximately 11,200ft and the team did a very smooth and problem free FS jump. The team members had their audible altimeters set at 4000ft for break-off and it appears that they may have broken a little below this. The jump was filmed by a freefall videographer. After break-off and tracking, the deceased and another jumper ended up in close proximity when they deployed their parachutes. The other jumper’s parachute deployed with line twists and the deceased flew into it a few seconds after he opened, entangling with the lines of the other parachute. The two entangled parachutes started spinning violently with neither flying properly. The other (lower) jumper cut-away his main parachute and his MARD (Skyhook) deployed his reserve. His reserve deployed with line twists, which he cleared and landed safely.
The deceased appeared to have had his legs caught in the lines of the other jumper’s cutaway parachute, with his own parachute also not being inflated properly. At some point he cut-away his main parachute, but this was entangled with the other parachute. Both parachutes were trailing behind him, not inflated and not clearing. At some point the reserve pilot chute had launched, but got caught up in the fabric or lines of the other jumper’s cut-away parachute. Although the reserve free bag was lifted out of the container, the reserve parachute was not extracted from the freebag and did not inflate. The deceased impacted with the ground at high speed
The incident was observed by the other two team members as well as numerous witnesses from the ground. Video footage was available for review from the in-air team cameraman of break-off and the initial track, and ground footage starting after cutaway from the entanglement.
First aid and CPR was performed by those first on the scene, but it is expected that the deceased died on impact.
Preliminary Equipment Inspection
The equipment was inspected in detail and appears to have been operational. The AAD (mode setting unknown at time of inspection) had been switched on for the jump, but had not activated. The AAD has been sent to the manufacturer for analysis.
The whole parachute system is very new and was assembled and packed on 24 February 2017. The equipment does not appear to be relevant to the incident. Damage was found to the main parachute of the other jumper involved, and to the reserve pilot chute of the deceased, both which appear to have occurred during impact with trees on the site. These aspects will be investigated further, but at this stage do not appear to be relevant.
It was also found that the riser loop of the 3-ring on the non-RSL side of the deceased was broken. This appears to have happened at some point after the canopy collision, or possibly during collision.
Final Report
The accident is being fully investigated by the WA Police and the APF. A final report will be produced for the WA Coroner in due course.

STATEMENT POLICY. This information is provided in the interests of accident prevention and is intended to facilitate safety studies within appropriate organizations. It has been compiled from the information available, and issued rapidly in the interests of safety. Further investigation may reveal errors or other pertinent information.
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